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Character Name: Samus Aran
Source Canon: Metroid
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For this character, given that the Original Series continuity, Prime continuity, and Comic continuity all are different and all contain some details that directly contradict some of the others in some places, I'll be using a bit of an amalgamation of all of them with some changes to fit it here as talked with the mods.

Other M, by the way, never happened, and I'm nuking the very existence of Adam Malkovich from continuity just to make sure nothing about it even creeps up into the game.

Another important note: I’m not available for missions most days of the week - monday to thrusday I have to go to university, and the mission time is really late for me, so I’d only be really available on thursday (maybe), friday and saturday.

Samus was born in a mining colony on a small, out-of-the-way planet that was so sparsely populated it didn't merit even an actual name, simply called by its astronomical identification tag, 2-KL. Still, with a couple of loving parents and a peaceful life, she had a pretty happy start of life, all things considered.

And then everyone died.

A couple months before her fourth birthday, the Space Pirates attacked her little colony. The leader of the group, Ridley, killed Samus's parents personally, and wounded the little kid before leaving her there to die slowly for laughs. Thankfully, luck had it that Samus was destined for greater things - for not ten minutes after the pirates had cleared, a Chozo expedition came by, having heard the miners' distress signal but being too late. They rescued and healed Samus, the only survivor from the colony, and one of the Chozo, a wiseman by the name of Old Bird, taking pity on the poor child, decided to all but adopt her. Another of the Chozo, named Grey Voice, complained greatly, but in the end relented when faced with Samus's situation. The two chozo took her into their settlement, and raised her jointly in Zebes, training her as a warrior since the beginning and enhancing her with Chozo DNA and biotechnology to enable her to survive in Zebes's toxic to humans atmosphere. There she learned the ways of the Chozo, their philosophy, and prepared herself to be a defender of the galaxy through exhaustive training. She reached young adulthood in this simple if tough life, and it was looking pretty good...

And then everyone died. Again.

While Samus was off training, the biological supercomputer that took care of the planet's security, Mother Brain, betrayed the Chozo and allied itself with the Space Pirates. Or not quite like that - there was much happening very fast, there, and a lot of it involved a three-way bout of Xanatos Speed Chess between Samus's foster father Grey Voice, Ridley, and Mother Brain... But, whatever truly happened, the result was that most Chozo were trapped inside their own homes while the Pirates landed unopposed and slaughtered most of them, the few that survived had to take an emergency exit that left them unable to come back for a long time, and Grey Voice was branded a traitor. However, before leaving, Old Bird could send a message for Samus. Having been training out of her ship, it took her a week to hear it, and as she heard it, she knew that it'd be most of her life until she could see him again, if she ever did. She cried that night. And then, once she'd readied everything, she went back home, to see what Grey Voice had done and destroy the creatures that had, once again, taken her family away from her. She found her home in ruins, the tunnels infested with Space Pirates, and Grey Voice already dead, having been found out as having been playing a desperate gambit to get close to Mother Brain and take it down.

This was Zebes, but this was no longer Samus's home. There were no survivors.

From there, Samus went on to earn further experience, as a member of the Federation first and as a freelance bounty hunter later, always with an eye kept out for Pirate activity.

It's in one of these missions that something unexpected happens, dimensional errors happen, and the story takes a turn towards the unusual...

Samus was thought around the galaxy as a cold, broken, emotionless person with no care for anyone or anything except for the job. This is, in fact, rather wrong, but Samus herself never saw much of a need to correct people.

In truth, despite some trauma hanging (from having had both her birth family and her adoptive Chozo family taken away by Space Pirates) and a rather independent personality, Samus is remarkably stable for someone who's had so much bullshit rained upon her and in fact rather friendly in her own strange way, owing to a lifetime of Chozo upbringing and philosophy. Much as her adoptive family did, she believes in the balance of things (a peculiar version of karma being deeply ingrained in the Chozo mythos), in helping your fellow sentient, and in the fact that some things are greater than a single person - and Old Bird's last will that she helps "protect the universe" still resounds into her ears. When in a good mood, Samus can be quite philosophical and prone to hints of mysticism that may seem unscientific coming from someone packing some of the most advanced tech in the galaxy - but to the Chozo, technology is but an extension of the self and a reflection of both its builder and its handler. When in a bad mood, though, she tends to retract away from everything and everyone, wanting to spend some time with her thoughts.

Another important thing to keep in mind about Samus is that she's very much not used to people. She was raised by Sufficently Advanced bird aliens with a penchant for mysticism, her brief stint in the Federation had her as an outsider for most of its duration, and she has spent most of her time as a freelance bounty hunter either completely alone with her thoughts or as a scout/attache. She can sometimes be hard to follow, she has no idea about a fair deal of human expressions, and the crowded ambiance of the White Chalice is likely to be rather bothersome to her at first.

While "on the job", though, all philosophy falls to the wayside to bring to the forefront the reason that the Hunter became known across solar systems as the best bounty hunter in the galaxy and feared by an entire race as a mythology-level Antichrist. When in a mission, Samus is pragmatic, fearless, sharp, and focused, tending towards an adaptable style of planning and fighting that takes advantage of her enemies' weakpoins, and rather prone to giving enemies a single chance to come quietly before unceremoniously unloading her rather large arsenal into their faces. Once she gets it into her head to bring someone down, it’s really, really hard to find a way to stop her.

Space Pirates, however, do not get even that one chance to surrender. They are the one chink in her collected warrior monk personality - and the one thing that makes her truly furious. Samus is entirely convinced of the irredeemability of them all and the need of their disappearance for the good of the universe, plus she wishes for vengeance against all of them in general and Ridley in particular (who she has no doubt the Space Pirates will likely manage to clone again. Which is fine by her, because she still needs to kill him at least twice more to repay him for both her birth home and her adoptive one), and so when Space Pirates are involved she will shoot first, shoot again just in case, and ask questions never. It's generally unhealthy to get in front of her at these times,though the diminishing in her usual cunning due to cold rage is likely to mean she will end up needing someone to restrain her from running into a Space Pirate trap at some point.

Capabilities and Resources:
Samus is a bio-augmented Chozo Warrior, both in and out of armor.  This means she is superhumanly agile and strong, a quick thinker, resourceful, and lethal in every circumstance (and tends to carry sidearms while out of armor as well). The bio-augmentation through alien DNA that the Chozo did on her has also made her able to survive in extreme environments and circumstances, being able to breathe many types of normally toxic atmospheres without ill effect and take wounds and poisons that would kill a normal human while barely slowing down. Her greatest capability beyond her suit, though, is probably her iron will, honed by years of meditation exercises - you can break Samus's body, but you would have more luck trying to turn off a sun by spitting at it than trying to break her mind.

Her resources are comparatively meager, however - beyond her suit and what little she carries around in her ship, Samus has nothing to call hers, and everyone she knew from before is kind of in another dimension.

Robot: (*REQUIRED* if you have a robot)
Robot Name: Chozo Power Suit
Robot Description: The Chozo Power Suit is probably one of the best demonstrations of the Chozo technological ethos. Intimately tied to its owner, sleek to the point of looking like a simple thing despite its incredible complexity, and posessing resilience and firepower betraying its size, the Power Suit is one of the most advanced weapons systems in the galaxy.

Some important characteristics:

Varia (Variable) Suit: The Chozo Power Suit was designed to be able to assimilate technologies both Chozo and alien with marked ease, in a way that would seem more similar to metabolization than reverse-engineering, following the Chozo ethos that every sentient has something you can learn from. This means Samus usually ends up her missions wielding half of her enemies' arsenal.

Energy Shielding: Just what it says on the tin. The suit is equipped with a shield that allows the suit to take both kinetic and energy weapons without much problem so long as the energy core holds up. Shielding overloads can result in temporary loss of other suit modules. It also includes the Gravity Repulsion Module system that gives immense resistance to pressure and allows the user to choose to treat water as if it wasn't even there, giving the suit perfect underwater mobility.

Scan Visor Systems: Probably the most important part in the Suit's contribution to Samus's success. The Chozo were an analytical people, and their analysis tools are, consequently, nearly without peer. The Scan visor can analyze the composition and weakpoints of a structure or mech within seconds, and the in-built hacking tool and translator allows the user to get into pretty much any system that's not physically shielded. The visor includes infrared, sonar, and X-Ray functionality as well for operation in low-visibility environments.

VWS (Varia Weapons System) Arm Cannon: As mentioned, the Power Suit can "metabolize" technological systems from other races. Weapons get analyzed and their base principles added to the VWS, allowing Samus to use a streamlined version of her enemies' weapons mere minutes after finding a functoning and whole example for analysis. Currently, Samus's VWS includes her basic energy beam, the Wave Beam (capable of going through most solid matter but failing utterly against shields), the Ice Beam, concussive missiles, and high-explosive-yield super-missiles.

Morph Ball: One of the least understood tricks of Samus's armor. It can reduce the mass of both itself and its occupant through some strange process of decomposition into energy, reducing the normally rather bulky armor to the size of a football. This is good for stealth and for getting inside things and blowing them up.

Grapple Beam: Self-explanatory, really. It's a beam that grapples. Duh :P.

Terrain Stats:
Land: S
Air: -
Sea: B (S with Gavity Suit activated)
Space: -

(The suit lacking any means of propulsion means that while it allows for survival in a vacuum, it is very much not useful for air or space combat)

Flagship (*REQUIRED* if you captain a flagship)
Flagship Name: Hunter Class gunship, unnamed.
Flagship Description: Samus's gunship is a very practical thing. Sturdier than most crafts of its weight class, and fairly fast, but without much in the way of bells and whistles. Packs a couple basic railguns, air-to-ground bombs, a versatile array of sensors, and a more powerful version of the grapple beam (which Samus has been known to use
both for moving stuff and for screwing with enemy fighters' momentum so as to smash them into meteors). Most unique things in it are probably the nanotech-based microfactory systems that allow the ship to self-repair and to make more ammo for itself and the Power Suit out of any scrap, meaning Samus doesn't have any problem with ammo.

Terrain Stats:
Land: D
Air: B
Sea: C
Space: A

Robot Upgrades: Instead of having one or two big full upgrades, will progressively get pieces every mission - individual weapons and systems. Would be really cool to get some stuff from other canons, too, taking
advantage of the Varia’s ability to chow down foreign tech.

Job: Bounty Hunter

Suggested Event List:

Important note: Ridley is a pretty crafty deal-broker, and the White Chalice has many enemies. The Pirates are very likely to collaborate with other Chalice enemies in exchange for tech and information. Also, the following are a rough outline of stuff suggested by Steam, we're still hammering them a bit.

- Hunter versus Pirate: Intro event. Chalice people are doing a routine mission, when suddenly, bam, space wedgie, and out comes a pile of debris and Space Pirates and Samus and Ridley trying to kill each other in midair. Chalice helps, but due to varied stuff (probably aftershocks from the massive space wedgie) Ridley manages to slip away before Samus can get the killing blow on him, wounded but alive. Left in an unknown place and without a way to contact home, Samus joins the White Chalice, to protect this world as she’s done others and to get another go at Ridley when he comes back.

- Prime Suspects: So a Metroid escaped from the pirates in the chaos. And you know the funny thing about Metroids? If there's no competition (such as in, I dont know, a life-deserted wasteland postapocalyptic Earth :P) they spawn like crazy! So we go searching to bust up before they can settle down, go into what looks like a Metroid nest, expecting a Queen, find Metroid Prime and its mutated phazon Metroids instead. We beat it, but the blue goop it dissolves into filters away into the crevices...

- Nested trouble: So in the end we never actually did get that Metroid that escaped. Time for another scan and hey, look, there's actual nest in some ruins deep below the surface. Problem being in the meantime a couple of the things did go Queen and there's enough goddamn Metroids here to fill a cargo hold, and unlike Prime's more offensive but defensively weaker mutations, they're the real deal, SR338 metroids basically immune to half everything. After the fighting, we meet the Baby Metroid and take it home with us.

- Shift-Ing Paradigm: We find one of the bases the space pirates have set up, go after it, find a fair amount of resistance but defeat them, tear some stuff up.  Then we find out they were doing experiment with the Ing and OH GOD THE THING'S MADE OF GOOP WHY ARE ALL THE DEAD ENEMIES GETTING UP THRICE AS TOUGH.

- New Old Enemies: During another mission, the Space Pirates decide to backstab us, attacking the Chalice to sap morale and make off with anything valuable they can get their hands on with a force led by Ridley himself - or rather, Meta Ridley now, having turned himself into a cyborg abomination to have an edge over Samus at last. This avails him not, and Samus tears him apart in an uncharacteristic display of emotion. However, in the fighting, the pirates have made out with a bunch of stuff... including the baby Metroid.

Aftermission cutscene, Dark Samus appears at last, and takes control of the Pirates by way of blowing up any dissenters, dun dun dunnn.

- Hatred from the Space Beyond the Stars: So the pirates attack again, this time fueled with all manner of Phazon weaponry gotten from fuck knows where (read: Dark Samus, who makes Phazon) and a few horrifically mutated boss monsters. However, it's just a direct attack, with no tactics to speak of. It appears to be a fuck-up on the part of the Space Pirates; without leadership they just throw themselves against us stupidly in a wish for revenge, right? The White Chalice has to stand their ground against the powerful rampage, but hooray, we win! ...and find out too late, as the smoke clears and a blast of Phazon goes off in the top of a nearby mountain, that it was all intentionally a distraction by Dark Samus to let her summon a Phazon Leviathan to completely screw over Earth. Well nuts.

- World Clash: (Probably will take place shortly after previous) The White Chalice and other governing bodies work to take down the Leviathan, Dark Samus makes her last stand to stop it, while the Leviathan itself uses all its defenses to take out the super robots coming at it from all angles - at least a couple more Phazon-corrupted bosses are to be expected.  Samus gets attacked by the Baby Metroid (now grown to massive proportions and severely mutated) but stops from killing her at the last second.  Samus then gets attacked by Dark Samus, the Baby Metroid saves her life, Samus finally beats Dark Samus for good, the Leviathan's destroyed, go team us!

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